Cellupulse Cellulite Reduction


Do you have cottage cheese thighs or a dimpled derrier?


The solution to cellulite doesn't come in a jar of cellulite cream or a cellulite exercise program. (If the solution to cellulite were that simple, no woman would have cellulite). Research has suggested that acoustic waves (Cellupulse) are effective in disrupting the sclerotic fibrous tissue responsible for the uneven appearance of cellulite. Acoustic wave therapy has also been demonstrated to increase the thickness of the reticular dermis and decrease the protrusion of fat into the area.



Cellupulse is the most advanced treatment against cellulite

Cellupulse interest and popularity is driven by its strong scientific background and supportive research literature. Cellulite is nearly universal in all women past the age of puberty, irrespective of race and ethnic background. We are a nation obsessed with cellulite. It affects 85-98% of us, no matter how thin or fit we may be. The only natural way to get rid of cellulite would be to turn the clock back in time, which is essentially what a Cellupulse treatment does to the connective tissue supporting the fat cells in the dimpled, cellulite-laden skin. Also, if there were some magical cellulite exercise, our foremothers would have discovered them long ago. That sacred information would be passed to each consecutive generation and know no geographical boundary.

Cellupulse treatment effectively increases the collagen in the dermal layer and improves the skin's elasticity (tone). Improved elasticity of the previously hardened connective tissue restores the tissue to a supple, smooth texture. The improved exchange allows for new collagen fibrils, which thickens the dermal layer of the skin leading to noticeable improvement in skin texture.

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