Laser Hair Removal

Imagine never having to shave again! 



No tweezing, no waxing, no bleaching and no more razor rash! That is why laser hair removal is the most popular aesthetic procedure in the world. But, not all laser hair removal machines are the same!


What makes ours different?

Know this – not all laser hair removal treatments are Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatments. If a laser hair removal provider tells you that, "…They're all the same" they may not care about your comfort. If they don't care about your comfort, you have to wonder what else they don't care about. Look, we don't want to put anybody down. We just want to make you aware of your choices with hair removal treatments.

The truth is, laser hair removal treatments can be vary dramatically depending on a lot of factors, especially the hair removal laser equipment used for removing the unwanted hair. Older hair removal technology generally sends massive amounts of heat into the skin, essentially killing the hair follicle in a fiery blast. Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal breaks new ground. The trademarked treatment deploys low heat levels at a fast rate. The gradual, yet effective, build-up of heat is why most people find the Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ laser hair removal treatment comfortable. While pain tolerance is subjective, patients have described Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ as soothing and like a, "Hot stone massage."

So why suffer needlessly? 

Why chance the pain involved with ancient technology that may put your skin in jeopardy?

The system's IN-Motion technology safely and gently heats your hair follicle while you stay comfortable.  Soprano XL is safe for all skin types…even dark skinned people.

  • Not effective on blonde or red hair.
  • Full treatment requires 5 – 8 sessions for optimal results.
  • Purchase a package of 5 and receive your 6th treatment free.
  • Discounts available for multiple treatment areas

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